Band Booster Executive Board:

President-Mary Ervin



1.   Preside at all executive board and general meetings. The president shall           

     enforce the bylaws and ensure that all activities of the officers and the organization are          supporting the band as prescribed by the by-laws. The president will prepare an agenda        for each meeting in cooperation with the band directors.


2.   Serve ex-officio on all committees except the nominating committee. He or she will also          serve as the chairman of the budget committee which will consist of the president, 1st VP,        treasurer and the band directors.


3.   Serve as the liaison among the band boosters, THN administration and associated Booster        Clubs. The president shall assist the band directors as needed.


1st Vice President-Stephanie Cloutier



1.   Perform duties of the president in his or her absence and act in an advisory capacity              at all times. Upon the resignation of the president, the first vice president shall fill the            office of president until a specialty election can be held.


2.   Serve as the chair of the fundraising committee.



2nd Vice President-Chris Waggoner



1.    Perform the duties of a public relations officer for the organization. This may include,             but is not limited to: maintaining a website, maintaining social media, providing                     appropriate information to various media outlets, etc.


2.   Form committees appropriate to the needs of the organization.


3.   Appoint chairpersons of the committees as needed with the assistance and approval of            executive board.

Treasurer-Michelle Thomas



1.   Shall maintain an accurate and permanent record of all receipts and distributions of the          organization 


2.   As a member of the budget committee, support the preparation of an annual budget based        on recommendations of the band directors, board members and committee chairs. The draft      annual budget shall be presented to and approved by the Band Board prior to the end of          the fiscal year. The budget will be presented to the general membership for final approval.

3.   Annually prepare taxes for the organization.

Secretary- Lori Urton



1.   Keep the minutes of all general and exec board meetings and make these available to the        membership.


2.   Handle all correspondence as necessary.


3.   Maintain and correct list of all members and shall keep a copy of the by-laws.