HELP OUR BAND WIN $30,000!!!!!!!!

All you have to do is click on the link, watch the "We Are Band" YouTube video, and click on the "thumbs-up" button to like our video. That's it!!! 

On April 30th, the video with the most views wins $10k, the most likes wins $10k, and the most creative wins $10k.

    Fundraising is often seen as a negative but neccessary evil when it comes to not-for-profit organizations but in all reality it brings about only positve outcomes.  A large portion of fundraising dollars that are brought in are used for lowering fees, the latest budgets have parent/student fees being cut by over half of the total cost of operating costs.  If these fees were passed on directly to each individual many of our students would not be able to participate in any of the  various programs.  These funds are also divided in many other ways, newer equipment, uniforms, trips, and staff just to name a few.  


   One of the many benefits of our kids being in the music program is the lessons of teamwork .  It is that same motto that we as Band Boosters and Parents want to strive for when it comes to fundraising. If each individual does even a small part it can make a world of difference to the program as a whole.  



50% to Accounts

50% to General Fund