Upcoming 2020 Band Camp Schedule:


July 20th - 24th 


July 27th - 31st


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Band camp is the most important part of the Patriot Brigade. This time affords us the unique opportunity to come together as a group and rehearse without the distractions of school, homework, etc. We will learn how to march, how to march and play and the same time, the warm-ups and traditions of the Brigade, most (if not all) of the music for the show, much of the drill for the show, and so much more. Because of this, band camp is a required event for all members of the Patriot Brigade.



What to Bring Through the many years of teaching band camps in the South and the Midwest, Mr. Williams and Mr. Rice have learned several things about what students will need in order to succeed and remain healthy throughout band camp.   


 Water Bottle/Jug  

        (students will not be allowed to participate in camp without one)

 Sunglasses  

 Hat

 Tennis Shoes  

          (Crocs, flip-flops, sandals, etc., are not permissible as students cannot execute the proper marching technique and can actually get injured by wearing these.)

 Sunscreen

 Comfortable, light colored clothing  

           (Moisture wicking shirts are recommended as are shorts. Avoid black and dark clothing as                  they can cause students to overheat quickly.)

 Pencil

 Instrument (Winds and Perc. Only)

 Small, Spiral-bound notebook

 Fanny Pack (Guard Only)

 Granola Bar/Small snack

 Black 3-Ring Binder (Winds and Perc. Only)

 Sheet Protectors (Winds and Perc. Only) 

What to Expect  

This will be the hardest, most fun week of your life. Below we have included some extra tips and a schedule.  

HYDRATION — This begins before camp has even started. All students need to begin drinking extra water  2-3 days prior to the start of band camp. Heat and dehydration are the biggest enemies of students at all camps and are two of the things that the directors and staff have the least control over. Students need to drink plenty of water before, during, and after rehearsals. Villanova University’s guidelines for their students athletes have been included in the reference and resource section of this handbook. We have included this because the  students will be working as hard as athletes and sweating just as much.

  8am — 12pm  (Outside) Marching Fundamentals, Drill Learning  
  12pm — 1pm (Inside) Lunch 
  1pm — 5pm (Inside)  Music Rehearsal Inside  
CAMPUS — Students must remain on Terre Haute North Vigo High School’s campus at all times and are not permitted to leave during camp. The only two exceptions are: (1) Students may go to the Jiffy Mart located at the corner of North Fruitridge Avenue and Maple Avenue during the lunch break only; (2) Students may go to the Subway located at the corner of North Fruitridge Avenue and Maple Avenue during the lunch break only. This policy includes leaving campus with parents or guardians and is in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the students. It also ensures that the directors and staff know where all of the students are at all times.

PARENTS — Parents are always permitted to watch and observe any part of our rehearsals. We only ask that you do not interfere with the directors and staff.  


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