The North Band and its Band Boosters want to make it possible for any student with a desire to have the opportunity to participate in our extra-curricular activities such as Marching Band and Winter Ensembles.  Unfortunately these programs are costly to provide and because they are extra-curricular the school system provides only a portion of the funding for them.  In order to help those families that need financial assistance in our program we are working on adding a Patriot Bands Alumni Fund.  This will be money that will be set aside for the sole purposes  of helping individual students that may need financial assitance and for providing long term assets to keep the yearly costs of fees to a minimum. 


How it is funded

Funding for the  Alumni Fund come from various resources.  One of our sources is from those  families that have a graduating student whom still have a credit balance in their student accounts.  As  a non-profit, we are not able to refund credit balances to families when they graduate or  designate where those balances should be dispersed  With the addition of scrips and other fundraising efforts we are hoping that many families will have a overage in their account on departure.  Rather than just absorbing this into the overall program, we are going to  transfer this money into or designate these funds into an Alumni Fund where families will know that it is being used to help students who have a determined financial need, and provide a relief of burden on the overall band when major assets may need to be purchased.  .  In addition, we are hoping that families that have gotten used to doing a program like Scrip"s will continue to use the program as a continued way to support the band after their children have sometimes choose to continue doing this after their children have graduated.  Finally, we offer opportunities for alumni and others to contribute directly to the Music Alumni Fund as a tax exempt contribution.  


How families can qualify for assistance

For those that may have special financial needs we will have a short finanicial aid form and questionaire that will have to be filled out and given to a director .  No band booster will have access to this information and all dicisions will be based on funds availability and need of the student.   Funding will only be available as well for those that participate in fundraising and keep an open dialog with the instructors. All assistance is given in the form of matching contributions.  For instance, we might choose to match $1 for every $1 the family pays and $2 for every dollar the family earns working at various events.    Please note that you must fill out the questionaire and speak with the director before payments are due and that funds maybe limited especially as this program is in its infancy stages. 



Please make sure to add note stating what this payment is for in the special instructions tab.